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3D art appsFormat: All iPads running iOS 3.2 or later Developer: Michael L Farrell Verto Studio 3D A modelling package for all One of the more comprehensive and capable modelling packages, Verto Studio 3D makes good use of the iPad s larger screen with a clean and uncluttered interface. You can start from scratch, using primitives and then extruding and subdividing polygons, or importing an OBJ file through iTunes. There are two viewing modes: Perspective and Ortho plus some fixed camera positions. The fixed cameras are okay if it s a small model and youon the outside, not so much if ita scene you need to get into. Here the Ortho view is the one to use, but it s still not as easy as it should be. In terms of object creation there s a standard set of primitives, a new basic light function and even a heightfield terrain generator. There s also a 3D sketch tool, a material editor and texture mapping. Format: iPad running iOS 4.3 or later Developer: Autodesk 123D Sculpt Sculpting and painting This is currently free with the option to purchase extra models. You can start with a range of shapes like a head, man, dog, bird and animals, or try something more basic with ellipsoid, torus, sphere, square and so on. There is a selection of tools to inflate, deflate, sculpt, pull and poke at the greyscale object. There s a clever system of viewing that has really been thought out by Autodesk. Finger movements off the object rotate, zoom and pan the view. Finger touches on the object are used to sculpt it. The fun comes with either painting with single colours or using the Texture Overlay function. Here you transfer from the texture sample onto the object. There are things like faces, fur, skin and other assorted textures supplied. Completed images can be saved as PNGs with transparency. The app lacks an Export Mesh function but is otherwise very capable. Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later Developer: Fabio Policarpo iTracer HD ray tracing Although iTracer HD can import 3DS models via the iTunes interface, therea limit on how complex they are and how well they are implemented. Even better is the ability to create numerous primitives, assign materials and lights and then render out the results. The faster the device, the quicker the rendering that can be saved to the photo roll. There s also a complementary app for the Mac where you can send your scene, from iTracer, for it to be rendered. Needless to say this is much faster. The camera controls are fairly intuitive so moving around the scene, which tends to be fairly simply anyway, is easy. There are two different types of lights-Spot and Omni-that create diffuse and specular lighting with accurately cast shadows. However, the choice of materials is very basic, being little more than different types of reflective surfaces. Overall this is good for setting out simple scenes, though not as good as Verto Studio 3D. Format: iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod touch 3rd gen/4th gen, iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later Developer: Javier Edo Meseguer Forger Import and sculpt meshes Forger has one immediate advantage over 123D Sculpt from Autodesk, and that s the ability to import and export OBJ files. It also offers a few premade sculpts to start with, but only a head, full figure and a couple of primitives. A nice touch is that separate elements can have their visibility toggled on and off to aid viewing and specific areas can be masked. The viewing system itself is up there with the one from Autodesk. The tools consist of a brush with various types of tip. These perform functions like flatten, move, smooth, punch, inflate, layer, mask and also paint. There s also a single light position that can be moved around. It sounds good, but it appears tools can stop working for no apparent reason or work in one area but not another. Format: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 3.2 or later Developer: CrateSoft LLC iDough Sculpt like it was dough With a great big ball in front of you, the word ZBrush springs immediately to mind. Unfortunately this means there are no built-in, basic sculpts to start from like the other rival apps. Still, there are brushes to push, pull, smooth, pinch, spread and flatten. There s a material colour you can add, and while there is some specular light you can tinker with, there s nothing like lighting or textures, so it s sculpting only. You can mirror your sculpting or turn this off in favour of individual features. Movement and viewing are very intuitive and there s a 30-level Undo function to go back. The only other functions are to email the results as an OBJ mesh, clone the sculpt so you can make versions of it or delete it. The tools are fine but the pickup is a little iffy so sometimes you flick the sculpt rather than edit it. Format: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 3.2 or later Developer: Luxology LLC LuxGallery Mobile guide to modo graphics The world of modo is an expanding one, with the recent 601 release adding a massive number of new features. What better way then than to see what the modo artists have been up to with this Luxology viewing app? Good idea on the iPhone, hardly an essential on an iPad, it offers the most recent uploads, then a set of options. These include featured images, categories, a search engine and favourites that you ve saved. There are 29 categories covering everything from cars and people to more bizarre ones like signs and forensic. The featured selections are those that the people at Luxology rate so it s usually worth a browse there. Tapping on the Info icon brings up some words about the work from the author though annoyingly this can be right in the middle of the image. Format: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 3.2 or later Developer: Robert McNeel & Associates iRhino 3D If you re a fan of the Rhino modelling program and want a way to showcase your files to potential clients, there s no better way than doing it mobile, either on the iPad or iPhone. This viewer for Rhino files provides a number of formats to have a look at initially-once downloaded-and also let s you add your own via iTunes, email attachments, from Google Docs or by loading directly from websites. Image views can be saved for notes or email. The viewing system consists of one finger for 3D rotation and two fingers for panning and zooming. There s an automatic light source that makes any shiny metal surfaces look very nice with specular highlights. You can also get information on the size and polygon count of the model. The nicest feature though is the ability to toggle between the standard view and the red-cyan anaglyph 3D view, to really make the model look 3D. A quick guide to iRhino Tap on the plus sign on the bottom left to add a model. You can add them from websites, Google Docs or Dropbox but the file must not be archived. Tap on Dropbox for example and enter your name and password. Tap on View Docs to see what s online. 2 Navigate to the folder with your model file. Tap on it to select it and then tap on Add to models in the bottom right comer. The entry for it will now appear in the list of models on the front page. Tap on the model listing to start loading it into the internal library. 3 Use two-finger pinch gestures to zoom and pan and one finger to rotate the view. Tap on the image once to bring up menu options. Tap on the 1 symbol to switch to anaglyph 3D mode, on the send icon to save the image as a Format: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 3.1 or later. Also, Android 1.6 or later Developer: John Lullie iKeyMaster: Blender 3D Key commands for Blender Blender 3D is a great program, not least because it s free and offers an opportunity for getting into 3D for even the most cash-strapped enthusiast. However, itnot the easiest program to get to know, which is where the ungainly titled iKeyMaster: Blender3D comes in. This app contains all the key commands for version 2.5 of Blender and is designed to be on-hand while you work with the program. You can search for specific commands and shortcuts or browse the main menu for keys organised by category. These include subjects such as navigation, the most common keys, modelling, the node editor and rendering. Just tap on the category and browse through all the commands related to it. There are also links to Blender tutorials on YouTube to explain all the commands. Finally, the app will also send you a PDF of a keyboard map that can be printed out. Format: iPhone, iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later Developer: Volutopia SculptMaster 3D Less to do with sculpting and more like clay modelling. Slap the clay on, rotate the views and add colour or change the background. You can smooth areas out, refine the brush size, undo mistakes and add or remove from the creation. A hidden light source makes it look nice enough, but it s not the easiest thing to use on a phone. Export the finished model as an image. The paid version removes the ads, enables saving to a gallery and has an advanced eyedropper. Format: Android 2.1 or later Developer: Fabrice Boyer TrueSculpt Virtual Sculpture Finally, a ZBrush style sculptor for Android. This can mirror processes to ”speed things up and has a range of tools including Inflate, Draw, Grab, Noise, Flatten, Pinch, Smooth, Colourise and a dropper for picking up colour. Moving fingers away from the model rotates, pans and zooms, while doing it on the model paints or sculpts. The rotation and zooming is a bit rough and the sculpting lags a little even on a 1GHz Android device. It is able to export as OBJ though. Format: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.0 and Android 2.0.1 Developer: William Steptoe Sketcher 3D Import and export OBJ models or create your own scenes with a selection of primitives. You can clone and group objects and creating scenes is made easier with a gravity function to drop them into place. Control is awkward but the best feature is the ability to fly through the scene and record the video. For showcasing existing OBJ models it s good fun, but for creating scenes, it s clumsy and slow. Still look for a site with online flash games free. Yes will suffice to look for! Visit godvilgames.com and play the pleasure in your favourite games!

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