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Anyone who s serious about PS3 should definitely be keeping an eye (or, er, both of them, or this all goes wrong) on 3D technology. In the last year therebeen a lot of hype about 3D movies, thanks to the massive success of Avatar, but it s 3D gaming that looks likely to really take off in the home —and your PS3 will be leading the way.

Moving from 2D to 3D is a natural step for video games: after all, their key appeal is to immerse you in another world and let you interact with whathappening on screen. 3D heightens that experience, putting you right in the middle of the action. Itthe closest thing we have to the virtual-reality tech everyone was convinced would be the next big thing back in the mid-’s, only with sharper graphics and less huge helmets or Jeff Fahey.

The shape of the future

Itnot just about objects popping out of the screen for cheap effects’, though. The real beauty of 3D is in the depth it brings to complex scenery. In Black Ops, for example, 3D enhances sniper shots by giving a sense of distance from the target that 2D canconvey. Then therethe way in which 3D is being used to build layers. For instance, your HUD in Avatar The Game floats right in front of your eyes. Imagine the potential for games like AssassinCreed 3 where Animus elements would float around you.

Therean elephant in the room, mind —the initial outlay. 3DTVs are getting cheaper, but level’sets retail for ?1,000. That s before youbought glasses at ?100 ish, if theynot bundled in. Is it worth the cost? For ’, moderately well off folk, probably not. Yet. The techgreat, but the price needs to drop. If you re flush? Sure, thereenough out now to keep you happy, from GT5, to Blu-rays like Jackass 3D, to Sky3D Premier League matches (at more cost). In the future, inventive new games will drive 3D adoption rates. And with prototype glasses-free 3D TVs in the offing, iteventually go mainstream. Add Move-style motion control... and those Star Wars holo-chess dreams might become reality.


You wonget far without one of these, so we pick four of the best...

Philips 46PFL9705 The newest model on the market, Philips’LED-backlit LCD screen delivers the best 3D images weseen yet —ghosting is non-existent, edges are razor-sharp and colours are vibrant and bright. Ita premium-priced product, sure, but italso worth every penny if youserious about 3D.

Component Scart



3D via bundled emitter

10,000,000:1 contrast Full HD resolution Freeview tuner 400Hz Clear LCD

HDMI, Component, Scart, PC, USB, SD Card, Ethernet Inputs


Panasonic TX-P65VT20

The biggest 3D plasma TV available, Panasonic65”Viera makes the most of technology to deliver superb performance. The screensuper-fast response time and 600Hz processing means games are free from image blur. Should you fancy watching HD Blu-rays, the TX-P65VT20 features a picture-perfect THX mode, too.

Component Scart


65" plasma 3D integrated

5,000,000:1 contrast Full HD resolution

Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners 600Hz Sub-field Drive system

HDMI, Component, Scart, PC, USB, SD Card, Ethernet Inputs


Sony KDL-40HX803

This 40" model from Sony is ideal if you want to maintain your brand loyalty to the Big S, and its integrated XMB mirrors the control system of your PS3. Meanwhile, 3D images benefit from the LED screenhigh brightness levels and vivid colours, and optional wireless networking keeps cable clutter to a minimum —ideal for such a thin TV.

 Ethernet Inputs



3D via optional emitter Contrast N/A Full HD resolution Freeview HD tuner Motionflow 200Hz PRO

HDMI, Component Scart, PC, USB, Ethernet Inputs


Samsung LE46C750

This 46”LCD from market-leaders Samsung offers one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your gaming system to 3D, but that doesnmean corners have been cut. Your ?1000 gets you an ultra-clear full HD panel and class-leading picture performance courtesy of the 3D HyperReal Engine and 300,000:1 contrast ratio.


46" LCD 3D integrated 300,000:1 contrast Full HD resolution, Freeview HD tuner 400 CMR processing HDMI, Component, Scart, PC, USB, Ethernet Inputs

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