A Look at the Bookeen Cybook Gen 3 Ereader

While we wait for the arrival of some of the highly anticipated ebook readers to hit the market, we will take this opportunity to look at a few ereaders that we happened to overlook in the past. One of those is an digital reader that has been out for a few years now, but one that we think is definitely worth looking at.

The Bookeen Cybook Gen 3 ebook reader is one of the lightest ereaders on the market today. Marketed by the French company Bookeen, the Gen 3 carries the same basic hardware as many of the most popular ebook readers on the market.

The Cybook Gen 3 uses e-ink display technology to offer low-glare, high contrast viewing and  four greyscales on the display screen which is great for general reading but not so great for graphics, compared to sixteen greyscales that are on the other readers offered by Sony, Amazon and iRex.

The Bookeen Cybook Gen 3 was given an overall 'Freak Score' rating of 8.9 by testfreaks.com which is quite good for a little ereader with 512 MB of memory, and an SD card slot. The reason it did not get a 9 or higher is most likely due to the fact that the Gen 3 consists of a directory structure that makes it impossible to organize your books in sub directories. Instead, you are forced to keep everything in one big directory which can lead to a lot of confusion and overcrowding if you have downloaded a lot of material.

The Cybook Gen 3's lithium ion battery is good for 8,000 page turns which is one of the best on the market and it also offers fast page turns which is a big plus in our book as no one wants to wait more than a second or two in order to go onto the next page.

The Gen 3 supports ten file format types and users can gain access to large collections of ebooks via different websites using the encrypted Mobipocket format featured. The Gen 3 sells for $350 which is a bit steep considering there is no wireless connectivity offered and the fact that it is basically just t a good, basic 6" reader that looks nice and is thin and portable. You can easily find other readers on the market that are very similar to the Bookeen Cybook Gen 3 at far cheaper prices but the Gen 3 has enjoyed brisk sales, which goes to show that people who want a reliable and basic reader are still willing to fork out that kind of money - at least for now.

GoodReads gives the Bookeen CyBook Gen 3 a 4.3 star rating out of five stars. If the price was a bit lower, I would agree, but with the hefty price tag, I would rate it as average.

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