A Look at the Bookeen Cybook Opus

The Cybook Opus is a lightweight e-reading device that has been on the market for a while now.  The Opus  is made by the French company Bookeen.  The first thing that you notice with the Opus is the simplistic, good looking design of this ereader. The Opus is pocket-sized, featuring a 5 inch screen. You can easily change from portrait and landscape mode on the Opus by simply turning the device- thanks to the built-in accelerator.  On board is 1GB of storage which will handle 1,000 ebooks and  included too is an microSD slot for up to 32 MB of extra storage space. The Cybook Opus uses e-ink technology and it offers users 8,000 page turns for the life of the battery. While you are not offered wireless access to a e-book  store on the Opus, you can use BooksonBoard.com to purchase books. The Cybook allows users to copy books from PCs via USB without needing special drivers-so it is supported on all the top operating systems with Linux included. Opus lovers love the fact that they do not have to deal with being tied into buying their books from just one source or having to go through someone like Amazon to have books converted.  Owners also appreciate the fact that the Opus ereader does not have too many buttons to deal with. The previous digital reader from Bookeen, the original Cybook, was a rather ordinary ereader. The Opus has more style with its curved corners and two color scheme on the body.  This reader is strikingly lightweight. At 5.3 ounces, it is nearly half the weight of the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader.  It is very easily controlled by one hand and slips nicely into a pocket. The Opus is a simple reader and it does what it promises.  It's rather nice to look at and makes use of open formats that won't tie you into one company's products.

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