A look at the Flip Ultra HD Video Camera \ Camcorder

Unlike other full featured camcorder – this is an inexpensive easy to use video camera which has a few good features. This can be a positive or negative depending on your needs. With fewer features it is easy to use, and with more features there is so much you can do with it. Do not be fooled the Flip UltraHD Video Camera still does great as it records video at 1280 x 720 resolutions at 30fps which is less compared to the 1920 x 1080 found on the highly featured Camcorders. This Camcorder holds up much better in low light than many of its competitors and is a marked improvement from the original Flip. This Camcorder is of elegant simplicity as compared to the original flip. Recording a video is made so simple, because all you need to do is turn it on, hit the big red record button and you are ready. That it, there are no other options, features or buttons to operate, unless you want to get fancy. That is the only time you can use the 2x digital zoom. The other simple to use function is playback. On this Camcorder you can hit the play button, scroll back and forth between your saved videos and adjust the volume on the built in speakers, without any menus or other functionality to get lost in. Transferring your video to the PC is made so easy by the flip-out USB port and built-in FlipShare software. Built in means that there is no disk to load and it pops up automatically whenever you connect the Flip to a PC. With the FlipShare   software you can upload the video clips to YouTube, do some basic editing, create low resolution still photographs from your video etc. You will have to get a cable separately to watch your videos on the big screen since the Flip UltraHD has an HDMI port but come with the cable. The challenge with this Camcorder is the lens. When a digital zoom is the only magnification you have it becomes useless to have 2x digital zoom. Then there is the issue of image stabilization and that means that the video can easily become choppy if you are not holding the Flip UltraHD firmly. Having to transfer two hours of HD footage on the UltraHDs 8GB memory if you want to keep recording, is a negative for anyone.

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