A Look at the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300

S-300 digital e-book reader comes with an 600 x 800 resolution on a five inch display which can display the same amount of text as the six inch screen on the Sony Readers which have the same resolution. The display is stunning and the contrast and sharpness is unbeatable. It can display 8 shades of gray which is very useful when viewing book covers and graphics. The PRS-300 only uses power when you turn the page, which gives you two weeks of battery life if you read every day and even more if you do not. Design and Ergonomics The Sony PRS-300 Pocket Edition comes in three colors:Navy blue, silver and rose. The style is very similar to the earlier readers Sony produced. The front and back covers are made of metal. This reader is very attractive and cute due to its small size. The Pocket Edition features an easy to use and large d-pad navigation and page turns. There is also button for home and back, a button for changing text size as well as a bookmark button. You can purchase optional leather covers for this reader as it comes with two mounts on the top and bottom near the spine to give the reader a more book-like look. The PRS-300 is the least expensive of all of Sony's electronic readers and you have enough room to store several hundred books in the device but you will need to use the USB cable (which is included) to get the books loaded instead of a card reader. The PRS-300 is an ideal e-book reader for the person who is new to using this type of device or for those who do not care to have more advanced PDF features such as zoom. The Sony PRS-300 comes with Sony's desktop 3.0 software installed in it, making it unnecessary to use any software CD. The desktop software is used to store your digital book collection and to purchase books from Sony's online store that has around 100,000 books in its collection. It can also be used to download Google public domain e-books and to locate e-books which you can loan from libraries that offer this type of service. Conclusion The Sony PRS-300 is an ideal entry level reader. I's perfect for people who demand high quality and extreme portability. This little wireless reading device gets the job done very well and is truly a bargain. -C. Rupp

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