In fact, most holiday essentials can now all be held easily in your mobile phone or tablet. Your music, train timetable, board games and even maps —all are now mobile apps. Maybe it was one of the thrills of a long holiday drive, but these days it is pretty difficult for anyone to get lost, thanks to the technology that has penetrated every aspect of our life. The first thing that you take along for a trip these days is your mobile phone. Apart from all your contacts, this little device is also your entertainment hub, navigator and guide. From apps that help you decide where to holiday in to one that helps you get there, there is an app for every aspect of your trip. You can now book train or air tickets from the mobile and even get regular updates and reminders about the travel itinerary. Then there are websites that tell you about the best hotel deals around the world. DSLRIn case you still want to take a road trip, inbuilt maps or downloadable navigators will guide you every step of the way. Before you check in at a hotel, you can check on the phone to see if the place has clean loos. And yes, instead of the hundreds of cassettes you used to pack for the long trips, you again have the phone which will make sure you have something to listen whether you are on the road or camping out. Books might be too heavy for a trip, especially these days when you can have hundreds of them saved on to an iPad or Kindle. In case you are the filmy type, you can carry movies along in one of these devices, or a bigger laptop. Lugging a laptop too is no longer a back-breaking affair as the MacBook Air and its rival Ultrabooks are all sleek and slim devices that are easy to carry around and powerful to use. If you want to do some serious photography or record HD videos of your travels and other exploits, it better that you carry some serious computing power with you. DSLRIf you are not a DSLR connoisseur, then just make sure you have a compact camera that will serve your purpose as a good still and movie device. And even better, they wontake up more space than a bar of soap. And if you think going out is too much of an effort, then just stay home and let the gods of lounging take charge. If you so desire, the couch can be your palace for weeks on end, ably assisted by universal remotes and home automation technology. Make the site more attractive together with jquery image slideshow. More detailed information on work with it and the instruction on installation read on a site jqueryimageslideshow.com

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