Acer Decides Not to Release Ereaders ‘For Now’

Taiwan based Acer reported yesterday that the company will not be releasing an ebook reader  "for now". Wasn't it just a few short weeks ago that Acer chairman Wang Jeng-tang announced that his company was entering the e-reader arena?  It was indeed. Now it seems that those plans are being set aside. Perhaps Acer realized that they had to come out with something remarkable and different in order to draw buyers in the ever-growing ereader market.  This means that all you Acer fans out there, myself included, will have to wait and see if they change their minds and decide later to go ahead with their  plans. If you recall, Acer was going to target the European, Asian and Pacific Rim markets with a 6 inch ebook reader with a monochrome screen. They had also said that they would offer an app store for downloading software and ebooks but apparently these plans  have been put into the proverbial 'File 13 as well. Acer enthusiasts can still look forward to the new ultra-thin laptops coming out this year that are less than .7 inches (2 cm) thick.  Acer said earlier in the month that while they can certainly make a tablet device to compete with the iPad, that a tablet just does not fit into the company's business model.  Go figure. Instead the ultra-thin laptops are what Acer believes will peak the most interest. Acer expects the thin laptops to account for 30% of their sales this year. via

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