Aluratek Libre Pro Ebook Reader-Affordable and Highly Capable Ereader

For anyone who still thinks that the only good ebook readers are those offered by Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Sony, you may be interested to know that one affordable alternative is the Aluratek Libre Pro reader. The Aluratek Libre Pro offers an 117 MB free RAM, a 5 inch e-paper screen and 100 free books to get you started with your digital reading experience.  The Pro supports a wide range of formats including PDF, TXT, FB2, EPUB, MOBI,  PRC, RTF, BMP, JPG and GIF files. This Aluratek ereader features a handy content search for simple navigation between books and pages, a bookmark function as well as auto-turning of the pages. The font sizes can be adjusted to suit your needs (6 choices)  and the A Pro also offers screen rotation support for easily switching between portrait and landscape modes. The Libre Pro comes with a 2GB SD card with a slot for expanding up to 32GB which would allow you to hold your entire library and then some. The internal lithium-ion polymer battery gives you 24 hours of continuous use or  2 weeks in standby mode.  You will be notified when the battery is becoming low via the battery level indicator and low level warning. Just connect the Aluratek Libre Pro to the internet via your computer for easy access to the recent best sellers as well as to timeless classics.  The Libre's dark charcoal colored case feels solid and it does not show fingerprints or smudges. When you turn on this device for the first time, you will be welcomed with a list of the free books. Just press the corresponding numbered button to read a book or scroll to the title you want with the Dpad and press OK.   E-ink screens are annoying to some due to the fact that they 'flash' when turning pages, but this reader is free from that with it's ePaper technology which is very reminiscent of early PDAs like the Palm V. The Aluratek Libre Pro is a good solid choice for the person who has less than $150 to spend on a dedicated ebook reader. As long as you are OK with the fact that the device is not wireless, has no dictionary and does not allow for annotations, we give this portable ebook reader a two thumbs up if you don't want to fork out several hundred dollars for one of the top name brand readers on the market.

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