Amazon Kindle DX Goes Global

Amazon recently came out with a brand new version of the popular Kindle DX with global wireless connectivity which allows folks in over one hundred countries to download e-books, magazines and newspapers. 

The Kindle DX has an amazingly large 9.7-inch black and white screen, making it the largest Kindle. Amazon has been selling the smaller 6-inch Kindle worldwide since the fall of 2009. This new Kindle DX is to begin shipping on January 19th and it costs just under $500.

Amazon's move to extend it's reach of the Kindle will bring a slew of new customers eager for this new device and the competition in the digital reader world is becoming sizzling hot. More and more e-reader manufacturers are scrambling to introduce larger screened e-readers. Just last week Skiff unveiled their plans for releasing an electronic reader that boasts an 11 ½ inch touchscreen that is flexible and Skiff claims this new e-reader is the highest resolution available anywhere. The Skiff Reader's display consists of a thin and flexible sheet of stainless steel foil that was developed by LG Display. Most digital readers employ rigid screens so this is indeed curious and innovative. Sprint is the sole provider of wireless service for the Skiff. In spite of this announcement, Skiff has not yet, as of this writing, released any details concerning which publishers they will include or when the device will be released to the market, besides saying that it will come out sometime in 2010. Also, there is no mention of price. The mystery deepens.

So for now, Amazon continues to be the king of the jungle in the ever-expanding digital reader world. It is estimated that there were three million Amazon e-readers sold during 2009 in the U.S. and the sales for 2010 is expected to reach 10 million.

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