Amazon Kindle Fire

Electronic tablet Amazon Kindle Fire is a light and compact device that easily fits in a bag, which you can always take with you. With the Amazon Kindle Fire is possible at any time to listen to your favorite music, watch an exciting movie or read a fascinating book. The display is a touchscreen LCD with a 7-inch and a maximum resolution of 1024x600. The screen displays up to 16 million colors. Ebook reader Amazon Kindle Fire features an intuitive interface with which touches fingers can manage applications. Due to the matrix IPS, allowing to extend the viewing angles, the reader can be used simultaneously to multiple people. Kindle Fire screen models scratch and impact resistant. Amazon Kindle Fire If you need a CRM, I recommend looking at HiTech Alliance CRM. Good decision, that improve the efficiency of your key business processes. Chemical amplification harder plastic display 30 times stiffer and 20 times. The model presented is based on a dual-core processor, it provides high performance. Kindle Fire Tablet runs on the operating system of the latest generation. Was based on the Google Android version 2.1 and added his own shell. Internal memory in the device is 8 GB. E-book Kindle Fire supports multiple known text formats and media formats: GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MID, AAX, AAC, AA, WAV, AVI, OGG, VP8, MP4. With this reader, users have access to the Internet. Internet access is via a module Wi-Fi. A built-in proprietary browser Amazon Silk. In the tablet integrated organizer, so that users can manage your time. Despite the wide range of features and power models, the Amazon Kindle Fire quite accessible price.

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