Amber alert child tracking GPS device 2011 Edition

The Amber alert child GPS tracking device has received varied reviews. With each passing year child kidnappings become more and more prevalent. Amber alert child GPS addresses the need for a device in fighting kidnappers and criminals. This device is small enough and can be tied around the wrist or the ankle of your child and it will also fit in their pockets or their school back pack. Any parent will want to have this device. But I believe this device can also be useful for people who want to track their mentally challenged adult family members like parents with alzheimer's disease who can sometimes forget their path and get lost. This GPS device will help track them and enormously decrease the risk to them and also the resources needed to find them.

This particular model of the Amber alert child GPS tracking device will provide you with the location of your child or mentally disabled adults via a 3G mobile network connection. You are connected 24/7 to track the location of your child. This device allows you to view the location via any web-based application, web enabled cellphone, laptop or desk computers. You can use the GPS tracking device even, when you are visiting different countries, especially, - Belarus. Try this site: and you'll be safe with our GPS tracking system.

Should a parent desire to place limits or describe a safe zone for their child/children then they will have to sign up for the unlimited monitoring package when purchasing the product. They will then always receive alerts on their mobile phones should the child leave this area.

The Amber Alert 2011 edition has been upgraded, and now you can view our child’s location via phone application such as on the iPhone,  Android or some of the ebook readers. This upgraded version has come with a live tracking feature, a two-way voice capability, long battery life, and a predator alert feature. Now the company will let the customers choose between arm or ankle bands and an adjustable bracelet for alternatives when you purchase the product. So then you can choose for your child the best way for them to carry the device.

With the upgraded version you have the destination alert. The destination alert allows the parent to define an area on a map. You will be notified when your child arrives at school, soccer practice, or the mail. There is also the voice monitoring additional tool. You will be able with this tool to have up to thirty minutes of listening in time. With this feature the child never knows you are listening in, but you will able to know what is going on in an emergency.

The battery life has also improved a lot because all you have to do is let the child use the device during the day and plug it in each night to recharge it. Under normal conditions and usage the battery can last between twenty four to fourty eight hours, but not with full feature use.

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