An Acer Ebook Reader? You Bet!

Acer, the multinational computer and electronics giant has announced that it will enter the ebook reader market this year.  By mid-year, Acer plans to unveil its first electronic book reader that features a 6-inch monochrome screen.  The new Acer ebook reader will be distributed first to up to five European countries.

Jim Wong, president of Acer's IT products division says that instead of competing directly in America, they are planning on targeting Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim where Amazon and Barnes & Noble do not have such a presence.  It was also mentioned that Acer is working on a PC tablet but no further details are available as of this writing although we have heard it will run Google Chrome and may be out by Q3, 2010.

The announcement of the new Acer ebook reader, although we know nothing about the specs, file formats and other details, could be just what is needed to get things rolling on a worldwide scale.  Just yesterday I mentioned that the international community seems to have been ignored so far when it comes to digital readers. (with a few exceptions of course) so this move by Acer can only be seen as a positive one for non-U.S. residents. But anybody in any country can use online service for custom essays writing.

Acer is also planning on offering an app store for downloading software and ebooks. The company is also talking to magazine, newspaper and book publishers to provide content for the new Asus ebook reader but no further details are known at this time.

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