Analysts android-based smartphones

One of the units of the corporation Samsung, Samsung Securities, engaged primarily in financial and investment, published a report on the role of LG in the smartphone market. According to of the company, LG in the next year may be one of the three largest manufacturers of Android-based smartphones, receiving 5.8% of market share. The arguments in favor of such information are called high performance flagship model LG Optimus G, as well as two previously unknown his successors identified in the report as V2 and GK.

Analysts android-based smartphones

As experts estimate Samsung, in third place among manufacturers Android-smartphone LG will be released in the first quarter of 2013, although the statement on the site will take the entire first half of the year. By Q4 2013 the share of LG's smartphone market will increase from 4% in 2012 to 5.8% for the year 2013. Thus LG not only become one of the largest manufacturers of Android-based smartphones, but also to press the second-tier players, which include companies in the Samsung BlackBerry and HTC.
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As for the unknown devices and V2 GK, their performance can not be disclosed. Looks somewhat dubious fact that both of them will successors Optimus G as the flagship, is much more likely that they will continue a series, but in the direction of the middle and low-end segment.

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