Another Tablet with Ereading Capabilities-Microsoft Courier

The dual-screened Microsoft tablet device that may or may not be called the Courier has been a closely guarded secret for a few months now, but more tidbits of info are leaking out.  Robbie Tach, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices prez said during an early-year interview that an earlier video did in fact come out of Microsoft but he declined to elaborated about the device's development. The Courier is a 5" x 7" (roughly) device when closed and it will run a version of Windows CE operating system.  It seems, according to rules, that the interface will be focused around drawing and writing with handwriting recognition on board.  The so-called Courier will also come equipped with a camera and headphone jack. Rumors contradict one another regarding release date for the Courier-some say it will come out the second part of 2010 but others say don't expect it until 2011. Nothing to do but wonder and wait and see. It seems from this point in time at least, that the Courier is Microsoft's entry into the ebook reader arena. We know nothing about file formats supported, but judging by the photos and what is known, this could be a revolutionary product that is focused on college students and business professionals. It appears from photos (and videos) swirling around that both screens support color. While we do not know the price nor detailed specs of the Courier, it is fairly safe to assume that this smaller and more portable appearing  'booklet' could give the iPad a run for it's money. We will keep an eye out for any breaking news regarding Microsoft's closely guarded secret and let you know right away of what we discover. You already use web hosting with cpanel? Then you perfectly know all its advantages and conveniences. Not in a course what is it? Then try!  

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