Apple update Mac lineup of desktop PC

Apple has released updated models expanding line of desktop PC and introducing new Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro computers. Mini has undergone a number of changes, and while the new model looks the same as the previous one, there are a lot of changes under the "hood." As assured themselves Aplle "It's faster." Rawer? This is still a Mini but he now has a GPU Nvidia GeForce 9400M, which gives him a five-fold improvement over the old Mini. Close to the traditional Mini DVI, a new Mini DisplayPort, whereby power consumption is reduced by 45 percent. Two versions are available (starting at $ 499) - both are 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and have to choose between the hard disk capacity of 320 GB and 120 GB. MacMini You can use your PC for doing home accounting, for this you may need Home business accounting software. Likewise, the new iMac is changed only filled with the same Nvidia 9400M graphics card standard (others available as an upgrade), and the addition of Mini DisplayPort'a. Prices go from $ 949 - in contrast to the previous $ 799 models. The new Mac Pro has Nehalem Intel Xeon processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 120 in the base. Apple claims that the last three times more powerful than a standard graphics processor on the previous model. Gadget price of $ 1899.

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