Apple’s iBook Store May Confuse Consumers

With the unveiling of the iPad from Apple comes a lot of talk about whether or not this new device will be the device of choice for e-reading.  There are a lot of people out there saying that due to the fact that the iPad costs $499, it won't be a threat to industry leaders such as the Kindle and Sony Readers. I tend to agree. One thing that is for sure with the iPad is that it will confuse many. This confusion stems from the fact that the iPad will be connected to Apple's own e-book store and the books will not be compatible with the Kindle or with the other big e-book system. This move by Apple will surely anger and confuse consumers who collect books on one model and then try to read them on a different device.  This could also stop consumers from buying the newest e-book readers to hit the market if they are not able to read their books that they already have. This move by Apple can kill the rapid growing popularity for e-reading all together. Opinions?

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