Applications for eBook readers

A good thing that the popular eBook device vendors have created was a complete collection of applications around their formatting. Here is a perfect example; you could be at home on your Kindle reader, leave the house for whatever reason, and while you are waiting in line or sitting down, you can start up your Kindle app and continue reading where you stopped on your phone. More reviews about gadgets you can find here inntec.

Depending on the format, you will be able to take advantage of different apps. The Apple devices have iBooks, but this app doesn’t carry the books that Amazon and Barnes & Noble does for digital books. They both have developed apps for the Android, Apple,  and other devices available. Amazon has also created a Cloud Reader, which can be used on the iPad, linking it directly to the Kindle market. Many vendors also make apps for PC and Mac. Although Apple initially denied Sony a place in the App Store, they have had a change of heart.

If you are interested in reading eBooks on different gadgets, check out product reviews, and a list of the manufacturer’s devices that the product supports or is compatible to.

What is Your Budget?

One of the best parts about eBook readers is their price. You can find a basic Kindle for around $69. These readers have all the basic features, which are all most people really need. The Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble is only $79, and is completely touch screen. Even though tablets are more expensive and are in a completely different category, the Kindle Fire, and other similar products all range between $160 and $250. These devices have many great features, including being able to read eBooks. All of these quality devices cost less than the E Ink Kindle that cost about $400 when it initially came out five years back.

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