Astak EZ Digital Reader-Nice Reader for Under $250

The five inch Astak EZ makes use of e-ink technology to bring you a nice little electronic reading device that allows you to read even in very bright light. This unit is sleek and smooth and allows you to easily switch between vertical and horizontal views. It has eight different font sizes to choose from. Much the same as the other Astak electronic readers, the EZ supports the open-format ebooks and it is very energy efficient. There is a built-in SD card slot for up to 16GB so that you can store a huge number of ebooks to take along with you wherever you may go. There is a Sudoku game on-board and a protective case is included in the package as is a USB cable. You are able to view thousands of pages on a single charge of the battery on the Astak EZ and it is quite easy to find files by using the 'sort' function. With a single touch of a button you are returned to the main menu page. The keypad is circular in design on the EZ and this unit feels great in your hand.

Astak Inc. is based in San Diego, California and the company also makes cameras and digital video recorders.

Astak EZ Reader - Get It Here

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