Back Up after a Nasty Virus Attack!

Pulse On Tech-Digital Reader News was taken offline a couple of days ago and at the time, the reason was a complete mystery. After much anguish, discussion, and trying to find where to go for help, I ended up at one of my favorite webmaster forums and employed the help of one of the long-term forum members there. This nice man who runs took on the chore of finding out what knocked us off the web. I spent several hours in chat with him as he went through the files in search of the culprit. Finally, he managed to discover a hidden virus that was embedded in the coding. He then proceeded to piece the puzzle back together again in order to bring the blog back up on its feet and return it to cyber space where it belongs.   So, with a sigh of relief, we are back in action and ready to once again, to bring you the latest ebook reader news!

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