BeBook Neo- The World’s First WiFi Ebook Reader


The BeBook Neo is a great looking ebook reader that is available internationally and we believe that this little reader is one that anyone would be thrilled to own. The Neo has all the features you would expect (and need) to give you an outstanding reading experience-plus a few that may just seal the deal for you.

Endless Idea's Neo is a 6-inch reader that features a touch panel e-paper display but does not have the 3G connectivity that many of the readers on the market are using. Instead of offering instant anywhere access or 'anywhere you can get a 3G signal' the BeBook Neo is fitted with a standard Wi-Fi and download interface that supports  international eBook stores. You can use IP-phone services on this model and study forein languages, even Russian via skype online, using Wi-Fi connections at any convenient places.

This is a good selling point on the BeBook Neo reader. Users get the freedom to select where or who to purchase ebooks from.  By simply selecting a shortcut on the interface which takes you to the download portal, a world map appears that allows you to choose where you will be getting your books from. This is a great option for those people who do not want to be tied down to a predetermined partner or to a certain e-book store.

The BeBook Neo features a Wacom touchpanel that is used to turn pages and for making notes or drawings with the stylus. The Wi-Fi connection also offers users access to Wikipedia and Google for looking up information while connected to the internet.  A top selling point on the BeBook Neo is the fact that you are offered a Freescale processor that gives you over 2 1/2 times faster browsing and operating speed over other ebook readers on the market.

The Neo offers 512MB of internal storage, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB 2.0 connectivity,  an SD slot, adjustable font sizes and support for many file formats including epub, pdf, html, jpg, ping, etc.  The Neo actually offers over twenty file formats-surpassing both Kindle and Sony Readers in that department, which is really great.  The battery is good for 7,000 page turns on a single charge which is just about what you should expect on a decent reader.

There are other choices in small ebook readers besides just the Kindle and Sony Readers and the Neo is one that should definitely not be over-looked.

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