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Model Barnes &Noble Nook BeBook One Kindle DX Ectaco Jetbook Sony Reader PRS-600     TouchEdition
Weight  12.1 ounces 7.7 ounces 18.9 ounces 7.5 ounces 10.1 ounces
Display  600 x 800 600 x 800 1200 x 824 640 x 480 800 x 600
Touch     Screen  Yes No No No Yes
Battery        Life  23 hours 7000 page turns 4 day wireless on/2 weeks wireless off 20 hours 7500 page                turns
Memory  2 GB 512 MB 4 GB 112 MB flash 512 MB
Formats Supported epub,pdb,pdf, jpg,gif,png,  bmp,mp3 over 23-best of all ebook readers pdf,txt,aax, mp3,mobi, prc, html,doc,rtf, jpeg, gif,bmp,png txt,pdf,fb2, jpg,epub, mobi, prc and .rtf jpeg,png,gif,   bmp, mp3, pdf,drm,txt,    rtf,BBeBBook, epub
Screen Size  6 inch 6 inch 9.7 inch 5 inch 6 inch
Font Sizes  5 6 6 5
Notes  No No Yes No Yes
Text-to- Speech No No Yes No No
Great       Extras Color Touch Screen on Bottom of Display plus support for several Western languages Multiple international language support. Free case. 3G international wireless connectivity Supports many international languages Three color choices


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