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In Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Michael Cera inserts credit, levels up and gets a life, all in the name of love. But is it fun for player two? Edgar Wright made Scott Pilgrim for you. Deep down, Scott Pilgrim might be you. OK, you donhave to fight your girlfriendseven evil exes, but video games do run through your veins. PSM3 wouldnbe in your hands otherwise. In Pilgrimworld, people get a second chance with a second life, go to the toilet to empty rapidly filling pee bars and have dream sequences set to the Zelda soundtrack. The hyperkinetic ex fights tap into everything from Street Fighter and No More Heroes to Guitar Hero and Tony HawkPro Skater. He is looking for essay Fireballs are lobbed, combo counters spiral ever upwards and the final punch lands to a recognisable “КО!”Playing spot the reference is a laugh, and once youdone there there s still a brilliantly funny action film to enjoy. Style over substance? Sure, but ludicrously in-depth Blu-ray features go some way to remedy that. And so much of Pilgrimstyle is our substance, we can forgive it. Disc extras By the time youdone with the four commentaries youfeel like one of the cast. Why canall Blu-rays be like this?
Disc extras
Splice Writer and director Natali cooks up a creepy science horror about cooking up a creepy science horror. Polley and Brody —who has shed his ludicrous Predator 2 bulk —star as genetic engineers straining against the leash of ethics. By blending human and animal DNA, they hope to give birth to a healthcare breakthrough. One experiment later and other peoplewelfare is the least of their worries. What starts as a murky moral dilemma morphs into a offbeat creature feature as the experiment grows humanoid and messes with lives. Alas, intelligent discussion is flushed away in a silly final third that enters sexy Species territory.
Disc extras
Disc extras One behind the scenes doc. Salt Easily summarised as does Bourne’, Salt was an under-rated gem in a summer of overblown blockbusters. Called out as a Russian sleeper spy, CIA officer Evelyn Salt makes like The Fugitive and goes after her accuser. Ithelped by a surprisingly heartfelt performance from Jolie; not easy to do when you re festooning security cameras with frilly knickers and building bazookas out of fire extinguishers. Kudos. After her ballsy performance, Jolie is oddly absent from Salt s generous selection of extras. Jolie good fun. Disc extras Director s commentary and five making of featurettes.

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