Borders Partners with Aluratek on Libre eBook Reader Pro

Borders doesn't make the best ebook reader in the world but they have set their sights on winning the price war no matter what. The Aluratek Libre was originally being sold for about $245.00 but now Borders has announced that it will be collaborating with Aluratek to offer the Libre eBook Reader Pro for $119. The Reader Pro is now available for pre-order on the Borders website with shipments to take place in the beginning of July. The Libre will also be sold in Borders stores inside the specially-made digital shops called the "Area-e" in August. The $119 price tag will make the Libre one of the lowest priced ebook readers on the market. Borders is planning on providing consumers with several choices in ereaders to make sure that anyone who wants one will be able to afford one.  Borders will offer up to ten devices by the end of 2010 which is great for anyone who does not have the normal $250 up to $500 to spend on a digital reader. To refresh your memory, the Libre has the ability to play music, display digital photos, has an auto-off feature, a page advance function and an Reflect Light LCD technology with great battery life which allows you to continuously  read for up to 24 hours.  Libre owners will be able to download books at the Borders eBook store which is powered by Kobo. The Libre also offers lightening fast page turns on its five inch black and white screen.  Libre users love the fact that there is no flickering and flashes on pages turns which is one down side to e-ink screens - of which the Libre does not possess. So, if you have been holding out for an inexpensive ebook reader that is very capable, then you may want to pre-order the Libre now.  It it not one of the market's leading sellers but it does deliver on its promise of providing you with a pleasant digital reading experience, just minus the bells and whistles. And everybody sometimes met the problem - can't edit Microsoft Office documents, because of loosing a password.  Office password cracker will help you to recover your passwords to any documents, thanks to and you can use them again on your reader devices.

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