Automating, linking and remotely controlling every element of your home: a blufferguide 1/ MK Astral A retrofittable, affordable home automation range from the kings of electrical bits and bobs, MKAstral range lets you control lighting, security, blinds and more. It s compatible with third-party automation systems, with app control of your electricals via mobile, computer or dedicated controllers. As you can see, the automation has been so successful here that the owners have moved out, and now control it all from another home in the next county. CONNECTED FUTURE PAD2/ Lightwave RF This, another fine line of autohome gizmos, includes heating, lighting and electrical connectors, energy monitoring and door/curtain control. With various bundles available, it s another affordable option and as an added bonus, the two blokes who run the company look like The Hairy Bikers. 3/ Bath-o-Matic Rather obviously, this runs a nice warm bath for you —just let it know you re on your way home via its smartphone app. Add a unit”to the mechanised tap and you can also have your desired quantity of bubbles and essential oils poured in. Bonkers. 4/ Stem Innovation iZON Screw this into a wall or stand it on a shelf, download its iOS app and you have the most simple home-monitoring device imaginable. You can view live for up to five minutes at a time, and italert you if it detects the heavy tread of a man carrying a bag marked ”. 5/ VooMote Zapper CONNECTED FUTURE PADTurns your iThing into an IR multi-remote with macros. Seriously cool idea, but seriously needs to update and expand its library of supported devices... 6/ Crestron CP3 Ready to get serious? This high-end control unit is compatible with all manner of third-party AV, lighting and electrical ”. Its massive, leisure-focussed hive mind multi-tasks effortlessly, with rock solid connectivity over ethernet. 7/ Cisco EA6500 The connected home makes heavy demands on routers, but this ain t fussed. Packing AC Wi-Fi tech, it offers speeds 3x that of boring, old N Wi-Fi, with simultaneous dualband connectivity. The EA6500 also works with a growing arsenal of Cloud”apps, letting you access your home network via iOS or Android devices. This device is very useful for studends and you can find essay on this website   

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