Content costs money (Part1)

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Content costs money, says Jon Honeyball, so if you want to read it be prepared to pay. The fact that News Corporation, under the leadership of Rupert Murdoch Esq, Is going to put up walls around its web properties and instigate a pay-for web charging model, is something I welcome wholeheartedly. It is about time that the whole world wants to be free "meme came home to roost, because the simple reality is that there is no such thing as free. Someone, somewhere has to pay. It can be either who pays for Ads or pays for SEO. Please don't get me wrong —I completely understand why users might feel the need to do a vanity blog, and to publish their favorite recipes for all the world to read. Indeed, many worthy communities have been built around such efforts. But please don't let us kid ourselves that these are free. They are not — time and effort has been donated by the participants. And time is money, money is time. I love to spend all day browsing the web and contemplating my IT navel, but the sound of the bailiffs arriving would soon refocus my attention. A site, and magazine, such as PC Pro can only exist because you, dear reader, pay the monthly fee or annual subscription, and because of the adverts. PC Pro could be advert-free if it wished — I write for a small high-end hi-fi journal ( that takes no adverts, but the cover price is high. Not only is there content to be paid for, but printing and postage to be covered. And a website to be funded, with appropriate pay per click service - cash put aside for bandwidth payments. Murdoch announcement is especially important because News Corporation is going to ensure that Google can access its sites, and thus can feed up the content or even snippets of it. You might wonder why this is a big deal. Surely News Corp wants people to find its output via Google searching? Unfortunately, such a view is rather simplistic and naive.  engine designed A search engine can give you direct access to content, and thus avoid the routes put in place by the website owners to get you from their front page to that content. And this guided routing matters to the website owner and SEO optimization, because that where advertising is strategically placed. The advertisers need to be reassured that the right sort of user sees the adverts, or else the advertiser gets cold feet and walks away.

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