Difference between SMO, SMM and SEO

What is the difference between SMO, SMM and SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) are works intended to promote a site on search engines for key users' requests. According to statistics, the transitions to the web sites are made mostly through Internet search engines. To improve the ranking of a site in search results, the work on SEO of the site is carried out.

SMO - social media optimization. Social media networks are communities of people united by some common ideas or interests. The distinctive feature of these media networks is that people are given the opportunity to express themselves, everyone gets a virtual space. The main purpose of SMO, as compared to SEO is quoting of a site on blogs, forums, and the ability to make it referred to by as many sites as possible.


Network social media marketing is an attraction visitors from social services to the site. The term SMM defines the SMO external measures: PR of a site on forums, blogs and various media networking communities. If we compare SEO and SMM we'll see a lot in common. First of all, it is the work within the web site - optimization of the texts and services of the project.
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