Digital Readers-Are they an Eco-Friendly Alternative?

Everyone knows that printing books, magazines and newspapers requires a large amount of paper.  The new ebook readers that are quickly emerging on the scene could revolutionize the way we read the printed word and they could very well be considered a more eco-friendly way to read.   Just a few years ago many people scoffed at the idea of reading books and newspapers from an electronic device but now many of those same people are looking to purchase their first digital ebook reader. As more and more consumers buy new electronic devices and fail to dispose of them as they should, electronic waste is a problem that is not to go away or get any better any time soon.  As responsible consumers, we should all be sure to take the time to safely recycle our electronic equipment that we no longer have a use for. It is undeniably true that while downloading ebooks you are using energy to transfer the reading material onto your ereader.   On the other hand there are no trees being cut down by the millions to produce paper.   By the time a paper and ink book is printed and distributed, the damage has been done to the environment.  Electronic ebook readers are a different tale.  It does not take much energy to charge a digital reader but you still have to use electricity from either your PC or a wall charger in order to keep your battery supplied with power. This produces greenhouse gases as we all know. Many of the new ebook readers contain lithium polymer batteries that are rechargeable.  Lithium batteries are long lasting and are not as toxic or harmful to our environment compared to their nickel-based counterparts.  It is surprising that none of these new ebook readers being  manufactured today have offered solar power as the main power source.  If you should happen to know of a company that offers this or has it in the works, by all means please leave a comment. Considering the fact that the new ebook readers we are being offered today are constantly being improved upon, we can very well expect great improvements in the years to come.  It is generally agreed upon already today that ebooks are a green alternative to paper and ink books because there is more harm done in cutting down millions of trees.    What do you think?

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