DREAMWEAVER CS6Dreamweaver and Photoshop have always been a good team, enabling designers to create visually stunning designs in Photoshop and bring these into Dreamweaver for coding. In Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe introduces a couple of productive features that will strengthen this relationship —especially the upgraded Image Optimization tool. As with previous versions of the software, this enables images, including PSDs, to be dragged directly into a web document. However, it also offers a new live preview as the Image Quality slider is manipulated, so you can see how the image will be reproduced on the page when the site goes live. The size of the file being used is usefully displayed to ensure the right combination of quality and size is reached almost instantly. The new optimised image can be saved into local files, ready to be dragged into any Dreamweaver project. Dreamweaver is one of the biggest web-creation packages around, though it has a steep learning curve for newcomers. If you are familiar with web design then CS6 offers the latest web standards and integrates them remarkably, supplying tools any designer will need to create a standard web page. Another major player in web is responsive design; the art of creating a page that adapts to fit on all screens and devices. Adobe has realised the need to embrace such a feature and now includes its Fluid Grid layouts. Designed by leading web designers and developers, these Fluid Grid layouts are easy to implement. Enthusiasts looking to translate Photoshop designs to a web template can stick with the perfectly adequate default settings, with the option to modify for advanced users. Купить телефон сдма в Украине не составит проблем с компанией Alistel, успевшей зарекомендовать себя как хороший дистрибьютор телефонов.     DREAMWEAVER CS6Continuing the mobile theme, Dreamweaver CS6 includes integration with jQuery Mobile. However, the web standard for creating dynamic pages is only included to a certain degree. Integration with jQuery Theme Roller enables users to create themes, in the guise of swatches, that can be applied to a page to instantly create a design. These include a set of parameters to define fonts, colours, shadows, buttons and the option to create over 20 different swatches —ideal for quick page creation.

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