Dual Screen Ebook Readers on the Horizon?

Some people who are holding out on buying an ebook reader say that they are waiting for more choices because they would like to have two screens so that the device opens and 'feels' like a book. It can be useful for many online activities, such for Forex or stock trading online.

Well, the Barnes & Noble Nook does have two screens, although the second screen is situated below the main screen.  This second, lower screen on the Nook  offered is operated by touch and is in vivid and living  color.  At first glance, one may assume that the lower color screen may be a full browser so you could open a page from a book on the upper screen-like a page with drawings or charts, and then browse wirelessly to a website below where the author of the website could post a video explaining the chart.  Try to open Forex-ratings.com, and you can choose the most appropriate trading platform for your device.

The browser and ebook reader combo may be what we can expect in the future with digital book readers. Barnes & Noble did say when the Nook was announced that perhaps some day they would make the lower, color screen a browser.

For now, the lower screen on the Nook opens up to five small areas that are touch activated.  On the left side for example is "The Daily" which brings up three newspapers on the upper screen: the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and The Financial Times.

So, if you want to choose the Washington Post for example, you only need to move the cursor with touch controls on the lower screen.  It is a bit awkward to do-this moving between the two screens, but with a bit of practice it gets easier.

The other buttons on the bottom screen are there so that you can adjust the settings on the Nook, or for when you want to read a free  e-book in-store via the WiFi connection for one hour.

So far the Nook is the closest thing we have to a dual screen ebook reader. Asus did reveal last fall that they are working on a dual screen ereader that offers amenities such as built-in 3G, a web browser and expandable storage. The Asus dual screen device opens like a book so that users can read books as books were intended to be read or they could use the second touch panel screen to surf the internet or type on a virtual keyboard.  We have not heard much more about this device since then, but we are keeping one eye on the horizon. It seems Asus is busy with their soon to be released DR950 and DR570 that we have been anxiously awaiting.

For now, those of you who are waiting for an ebook reader that opens like a book and offers two screens, well, you will have to continue waiting or give the Barnes & Noble Nook another look.

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