E-book Readers Sizzling Hot at 2010 Consumer Electronic Show

This year's Consumer Electronics Show that was held in Las Vegas was a bit different from shows in the past in many ways. By far the hottest items at the show were the many tablets and ebook readers. It is a bit hard sometimes for the average person to know the difference between a tablet and an ebook reader but it goes something like this:

E-book readers are devices that are used to read books, newspapers and magazines in a digital format. There were over ten new ebook readers unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Store this year and many more are said to be in the production stage. Amazon, Sony and Barnes and Noble has certainly showed the world that there is a huge demand for these.

Tablets, on the other hand, are devices that larger than mobile phones and smaller than laptops and they are devices that function much like a computer or a cell phone and some can serve as e-book readers as well.

At times there is a fuzzy line drawn between the tables and the ebook readers due to the fact that some models of each move into each other's area at times. However, this is expected to changes as the market comes to define itself and figures out which of the products sell the best.

There was a lot of buzz this year about the much anticipated Apple Tablet which should make its debut later this year. It is rumored that the Tablet will be a larger version of the iPhone-complete with a touchscreen.

There were some impressive and innovative e-book readers introduced at the show this year and we will be taking a good look at some of the most impressive digital readers in upcoming posts.

-C Rupp

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