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E-books have become part of our lives. Read e readers comparsion. More than a third of people who regularly travel by public transport, read books at the moment with electronic readers, wanting, so the benefit of killing time. E-books are very compact, they have attractive appearance and can accommodate the amount of information to the printed version took more than a thousand pages. Over the past few years, many companies have tried their hand in the segment of e-books, but the leadership is still owned three manufacturing companies, setting the tone for the world market. This is Sony, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. From them each season offers unique innovations that are home to the most advanced technological solutions. However, other companies from time to time encouraging consumers new and exciting models of e-books. Ideally, e-reader should have a compact size, high-resolution display with good brightness and color, and work longer in read on a single charge. On the eve of the New Year, it makes sense to dwell on the most interesting and popular models of readers to hit the market this year. Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight Novelty from the company Barnes & Noble deserves close attention, because this eBook is implemented entirely new technology backlight GlowLight. I must say that the backlight is a sore point of all e-books. Lighting is designed to provide comfortable reading in low light conditions, to an e-book reader does not tire the eyes. However, any backlight means extra energy costs eat up battery. But one of the main parameters on which consumers choose the e-book, is just the time, battery life on a single charge. Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight As a result, manufacturers have to solve the problem rather contradictory. On the one hand, a person could freely reader in low light, and on the other - is required to provide a device as possible runtimes. Until recently, to solve this problem is basically because no one and could not. Therefore, users of e-books are already resigned to the fact that, for comfortable reading, they still need external light source, be it a table lamp, floor lamp or sunlight. In 2008, Sony released the ReaderPRS-700, in which he tried to solve this problem by introducing the four LEDs at the sides of the display. But the decision was not too successful, because light is distributed very unevenly - the sides, where the LEDs were installed, there was a certain overexposed, and centered on the screen light is clearly not enough. This year, Barnes & Noble has decided to offer customers a revolutionary device with backlit GlowLight, the development of which, apparently, were taken into account the above-mentioned disadvantages of solutions Sony. Experts of the company came up with the following. It also uses LED lights - eight LEDs are placed at the top of the screen border. However, LEDs do not just illuminate the display surface. They shine in the face of special transparent film that covers the entire surface of the screen. This is a special light-scattering layer, which may affect the quality of the displayed image. From the LED lights up the film itself even, soft light, and the lighting display at each other. Strangely enough, but the film does not affect the quality of the touch screen, it is generally quite noticeable and feels no different from the cover display. Translucent film is not only more evenly disperses the light from the LED light, but also provides additional protection from glare. It looks really good. And even in low-light e-book user NookSimple TouchwithGlowLight can comfortably read without straining your eyes too. Highlighting GlowLight easy on and off two second holding down Home in any mode. In this case, it can be adjusted and set the brightness with a special slider. Minimum level of illumination of only 1.2 cd/m2 and the maximum - 30-32 cd/m2. Experts of the company Barnes & Noble have done everything they can to use LED lights had no effect on the battery life of the device. In any case, even if the backlight is constantly reader can work for more than thirty hours. Highlighting GlowLight, of course, is the main feature of the new e-books from Barnes & Noble. But if we talk about the other device parameters, the model NookSimple TouchwithGlowLight received 6-inch E InkPearl resolution 600x800 pixels, a processor ARM Cortex A8 800 MHz and 2 GB of internal memory. This reader not the most compact (126,9 x 165,4 x 12,1 mm) and light (196 g), but it looks great and is very comfortable in the hand. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Barnes & Noble Company was not the only one in recent years has been actively working on the implementation of the LED backlight. This year the company introduced the Amazon e-reader KindlePaperwhite in addition to color Amazon Kindle Fire, who also received a new screen technology. This e-book looks interesting competitor if only for the reason that it uses advanced 6-inch E InkPearl HD, which transmits text very clearly by the density 212 pixels per inch and a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite In comparison with the Pearl-screens, which are now used in a variety of models, the display contrast KindlePaperwhite increased by 25%, which provides deeper blacks and the most bright white background. Increased resolution contributes to higher quality display fonts. However, the main model in KindlePaperwhite is integrated LED lights, which allows the user to comfortably read in the dark or low light conditions. Implemented in much the same light as the already opominavsheysya eReader NookSimple TouchwithGlowLight. That is, the LEDs shine in the face of special transparent film, which, in turn, highlights the lying under her screen. The only difference is that in the Reader installed KindlePaperwhite not eight, and all four LEDs. Moreover, they are placed at the bottom, not the top edge display. Highlighting works fairly evenly and almost exhausting the reader's eye. It is noteworthy that the brightness is regulated in a wider range than in the model NookSimple TouchwithGlowLight - from 1 up to 55 cd/m2 kd/m2.Nesmotrya the implementation of LED illumination, with the standalone unit is also no problem. Reeder received relatively heavy - 213 g, however, the extra weight is not too felt in his hands. EBook AmazonKindlePaperwhite equipped flash drive 2 GB, of which 1.25 GB user available. The device is equipped with a module Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and can boast the support of different file formats. Of the drawbacks of this e-book can be noted there is no slot for MicroSD cards and audio player. PocketBook Touch In March this year, was officially launched e-reader PocketBook Touch. In fact, the test results, he respected European journal of computer science ComputerBild been recognized as the best reader. The experts evaluated the log device in five categories: screen quality, functionality, performance, advanced features and service. PocketBook Touch Members of the jury, calling the winner model PocketBookTouch, noted its rich functionality, high quality multi-touch display and the ability to view the original PDF-files. Was also considered reasonable price product. As a result, the reader PocketBookTouch awarded the title of "Editor's Choice magazine ComputerBild». Reader PocketBook Touch got a 6-inch screen E InkPearl has a resolution of 800x600 pixels and supports 16 shades of gray, which allows it to display without problems variety of texts and illustrations. In this model, there is no LED illumination, but the quality of the display deserves the most flattering words. Read the text on the screen contrast so very comfortable, flipping pages is fast. The device is based on the powerful Freescale processor with a frequency of 800 MHz, have made it possible to realize the function of multitasking. This means that the user of the device can open multiple books and applications, instantly switching between them. With built-in WLAN 802.11 b / g / n ensures fast access to the Internet. Furthermore, among the options available e-books appear PocketBookTouch audio player, handwritten notes and its own browser. SonyReader PRS-T2 Japan's new reader SonyReader PRS-T2 replaces the popular model Reader PRS-T1. Unfortunately, some qualitative leap has not happened, however, the new product can certainly be attributed to the category of best e-book readers in 2012. The device has received a thin and lightweight - only 164 grams, making e-reader can always be put in a pocket. SonyReader PRS-T2 Minimum weight and compact size - not only the dignity reader SonyReader PRS-T2. It is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen technology with E-InkPearl, with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Highlighting here. But there ClearTouch infrared system that supports two simultaneous touches, which provides touch control device without compromising image quality on the screen. It is noteworthy that the sensor touches based on the optical principle that more clearly triggered by barely noticeable touch. Turn the pages of a Sony Reader PRS-T2 can be as simple motion on the touch screen, and with the help of buttons. Memory declared at 2 GB, but in reality, the user can use only 1.35 GB. However, if the space is not enough, you can optionally use the memory cards MicroSD. E-reader SonyReader PRS-T2 was very comfortable, ergonomic, with quality build and convenient user interface. What is important, it is running an operating system Android, so they can create different firmware significantly improved functionality. The only downside Reader PRS-T2 is the lack of audio player, who was present in the previous generation. For many users, the audio player in e-book is already familiar option, from which they are not ready to give up.
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