Ebook Reader and Tablet Ownership Rises

The number of people owning e-book readers and tablets rose from 10 to 19% in the weeks from mid-December to the beginning of January - says a recently published report by Pew Internet Project. Ebook readers and tablets enjoyed this nice boost thanks in most part to holiday shoppers and new owners. It is estimated that now almost 30 percent of adults have considered owning at least one of these devices which was up 18%. Another reason for this rise in the ownership of e book readers and tablets is the fact that a few top manufacturers dropped the prices of their electronic readers such as with the Nook and Kindle, making the devices more affordable and attractive to many in this slow economy we live in. The study also shows us that women dominate ownership of e-readers as 21% of women own an e-book reader in comparison to just 16% of men. Before the study, those numbers were 11% and 9% respectively. Amazon is poised to release the results of its fiscal 2011 4th quarter today (January 31st) so that we can see exactly what type of impact the low priced Kindle Fire has made. Interested in Buying an E-book Reader this year? Consider these top picks These days you don't have to spend more than $100 on a standard e-reader. An entry-level ebook reader will hold a charge for weeks so that you can take it along while you're out and about and toss it into your bag when going on vacation. Here are three low priced, you-can't-go-wrong-with ebook readers to consider buying this year. Kindle Touch by Amazon The Kindle Touch is as the name suggests, touch-enabled. This reader features an e-ink screen. The Kindle Touch is lightweight and offers text-to-speech capabilities. It is a solid buy at just $99 and offers a great many books, magazines, newspapers and audiobooks available through the Amazon store. Nook Simple Touch by Barnes and Noble With the same low price tag of $99, you can't go wrong with a Nook Simple Touch. It is lightweight, compact and features a very responsive e-ink touchscreen. Using it's Wi-Fi connectivity, you can tap into the Barnes and Noble web store for content. Kindle by Amazon And of course, the much-loved Kindle is always a top choice to make. With a nice price of around $80 and it's e-ink display screen, this device will definitely not let you down. It too has Wi-Fi for easy and convenient streaming of content. This device can hold hundreds of books and magazines and it's battery has the staying power to provide you with many weeks' worth of reading. Business with Ebook reader If you have an ebook reader and can connect to Wi-Fi - you are in business! After introducing portable devices, everybody can start is own essay typing business. It is required just one page internet website with keywords: type my essay  submit it to the SEO company and start your own business compain.  

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