Ectaco Jetbook-International Ebook Reader

The Ectaco Jetbook is small and thin. It features an five inch, HD, TFT screen and weighs in a 7.5 ounces-making it the ideal size to slip into a pocket or purse. The Ectaco is very simple to operate. There are two buttons on the bottom left corner that are used for turning pages both forward and backward. On the right side of the device are the numbers 0 through 9 with included letters like on a mobile phone. Not only is the user able to store and view e books, the Jetbook also has an Mp3 player on board for music lovers. You are also able to view photos supporting jpg formats on the device. The Jetbook is capable of reading txt, pdf, fb2, jpg, epub, mobi, prc and rtf formats. There is an SD card slot included as well. The Ectaco Jetbook is equipped with a very useful built-in dictionary which is very easy to navigate with one press of the menu button. The screen on the Jetbook is crisp and clear, very easy to read and the user is able make adjustments to the font size as well. Probably the best thing about this portable ereader is the fact that it is capable of supporting the world’s top languages. This is a universal mobile library that offers Ectaco translation dictionaries for many languages, making it a perfect globe-trotting travel companion. The Jetbook comes already loaded with a free bonus- the CIA World Fact Book that is sure to enhance any trip. Another good feature is the screen rotation support for both landscape and portrait modes. Available in four colors: maroon, graphite, white and grey, the Ectaco Jetbook is priced at $179. The second member of the Ectaco ereader family is the Ectaco Jetbook Lite. The Lite retails for $149, making it one of the lowest priced ebook readers on the market today. The Jetbook Lite is the same size as the Jetbook original with the main difference being that the Lite gets its power from four, AA batteries instead of accumulators, which does make it a bit heavier, weighing in at 9 ounces. It is, however, still light enough to easily carry around. You can read for up to 23 hours without the need to recharge the batteries. If you are in the market for an affordable ebook reader, the Ectaco Jetbook certainly deserves a good look. You can purchase a 4GB SD memory card for the device for less than $10 to greatly expand the storage capability. In fact, this ereader can accepts SD cards (interchangeable) of up to 32 GB-giving you virtual unlimited storage space. The Ectaco Jetbook allows users to read DRM books that Barnes and Noble sells. The Jetbook Lite also has an advanced auto page turn function that you can set to turn pages at an average reading speed. The Lite uses T9 text input mode so words are completed as you type them on the alphanumeric keypad.

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