Edirol R-09HR – A High Quality Audio Recorder

The R-09HR is third in Edirol's line of palm size flash decks. The R-09HR is a high quality audio recorder that fits very well into your pockets. It comes loaded with a top-notch stereo microphone, a wide range of recording resolutions, SDHC memory support, a remote control, and an intuitive user interface.

Though the R-09HR is not the slimmest or lightest recorder on the market it is still small enough, which is a major advantage over its closest competitor. This gadget has a rubberized exterior which allows the R-09HR to have improved sound isolation when placed down on its front or back. For better ergonomics a few buttons, switches and ports have been rearranged. The buttons lining the sides have been labeled in white lettering making them distinguishable. Unlike its predecessor, the screen is larger and the battery compartment has been made more easily accessible.  Audio recording can be made from various TV sets in different rooms, apartments. TV sharing is a new feature which allowed to share one TV receiver between many TV devices. It was become possible by introducing by cardsharing. You can find here about what is cardsharing?

The quality of recording you will receive with the R-09HR is high and this becomes the most cherished feature. It is particularly made possible with buttons dedicated for mic-level adjustment, high and low gain settings, digital limiting and automatic gain control settings, an adjustable low-cut filter, and a bevy of recording formats ranging from an efficient 64Kbps MP3, up through 24-bi, 96kHz WAV, with many resolution variations along the way. Though this product is geared towards musicians it can also work great as a tool for podcasters and journalists as well.

The Edirol R-09HR now comes with a wireless remote control that can trigger recordings from up to 12 feet away. You also have a handy built-in speaker for reviewing recordings, support for high-capacity SD memory of up to 32GB, bundled editing software, ability to split recordings on the fly and playback speed control.

Apart from the ability of the Edirol R-09HR’s ability to offer high-resolutions, the gadgets also offers great results at lower MP3 resolutions as well. For example the field recordings and interviews recorded at a pace of 128Kbps MP3 setting were relatively free of compression artifacts and easy on battery life and memory, too.

The R-09HR has a great battery life of about 5 and half hours of irregular recordings, or 4.5 hours of continuous recording. This by the way can be optimized with various power-saving system settings. Two AA batteries are enough to bring it back on its feet. The R-09HR is a great product with no known flaws.

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