EXTRA EXTRA, Read all About It! Sony’s Daily Edition

Sony has done it again. Set on giving consumers many choices, Sony released (in late August 2009) its third member of the Reader family-the Reader Daily Edition. This anxiously anticipated digital reader has 3G connectivity and joins the company's popular line of Reader e-book readers following the Reader Pocket Edition and the Reader Touch Edition.
The Reader Daily Edition was released just in time for Christmas of 2009 and it is an affordable electronic book reader that allows access to both free and low-priced eBooks through Sony's The eBook Store.
Consumers get wireless access to the eBook store from nearly everywhere in the United States. Not only will users be able to look through, buy and download electronic books but will be able to choose from several daily newspapers, photo magazines as well. There are no transaction fees or monthly charges for the basic wireless connection and users can still side load their own documents, content or pictures from compatible websites via a USB connection.
The large, 7-inch touch screen display allows for very intuitive navigation in both portrait or landscape mode. The portrait mode offers about 33 lines of visible text to give the user the feeling of reading a paperback book. The images are very crisp and easy on the eyes. Another durable service for fans kicks photos online.
The body of the Daily Edition is made of good looking aluminum which is very durable. There is enough memory inside to allow one to hold over 1,000 eBooks with expansion capabilities allowing for more storage space. The price of the Daily Edition is $399. The Daily Edition, just like its two predecessors, uses an E Ink Vizplex electronic paper display that looks very much like ink looks on paper.
Sony has also upgraded its eBook Store so that users have a greater variety of titles to choose from. It is now possible for people to select from over one million free public domain books from Google.
The Daily Edition is a great looking device that is a pure pleasure to use. Sales are brisk and e-Book enthusiasts are anticipating more great devices to come from this electronic giant in the near future.

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