First Hands-On iPad Reviews Trickling in Regarding Ebook Reading

Some of the biggest tech bloggers and others have finally received their Apple iPads and the reviews are starting to pop up online. One of the most comprehensive reviews out so far is done by PC Magazine. From what I have read thus far, the reviews are generally great. Of course there is the mention of what the iPad lacks - namely flash support and multi-tasking capability as well as a few gripes that Apple didn't bother to toss in a pair of earbuds. What I was particularly interested in was what is being said about the iPad as an ebook reader. PC Mag was very impressed. The fact that illustrations are shown in color and that page turns actually look like actual pages turning. If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone with the Stanza reader app downloaded, you will know that this is nothing new, but I'm betting it looks a bit more impressive on the big screen. The Search function in iBooks allows you to type in a part of the book that you would like to read again (any phase or group of words you remember) and you are taken that particular place in the book.  You can also use the Search to look up things in Google and Wikipedia while reading which sounds pretty great.   It was also mentioned that you can dim the screen to adjust the brightness while reading.  Again, this is a feature that the iPod Touch and iPhone has already. You can go directly to the iBook store by tapping the "Store" button on the top left of the screen and the virtual bookshelf swings into view. As we were told earlier, the book prices range from $9.99 to .$12.99. You can read a brief summary of a book by tapping on the cover. The general public should begin to receive their iPads this weekend. It is going to be interesting to see if people become so impressed with the iPad's ebook reading capability that they will forget all about purchasing a dedicated ebook reader such as the Kindle or Nook.  Keep in mind that the iPad does not have an e-ink screen so it remains to be seen if that will become the breaking point.  Are people willing to put up with eye strain in favor of the color screen? What do you think? Is the iPad about to become the "Kindle Killer" as many have predicted?  Will those who have been sitting on the fence going to drop over on the Apple side and forget about the ereaders all together?

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