Foxit eSlick Ebook Reader

Back in 2004, Foxit Software Company launched their Foxit Reader which was a small and responsive viewer used for reading PDF documents that was easy to use and featured their very popular software - Foxit PDF Editor.  Later,  Foxit Software Company became incorporated as Foxit Corporation and today it has offices in six countries. Currently Foxit Corporation is selling the eSlick ebook reader for $259.99. The device weighs 6.4 ounces (180 grams) and comes in a smart and clean looking hard plastic case in your choice of black, gray w/ black back or white w/ light gray back. It runs on Linux, has 512 MB of internal memory and has an SD card slot for adding 2 GB of memory storage. The file formats supported on the eSlick electronic reader are TXT, PDB,PDF, EPUB, and any document that can be printed after it has been converted to PDF with use of the Foxit included software.  It also supports GIF, BMP, JPEG and PNG image formats. The eSlick's electronic paper display screen has a 600 x 800 pixel  resolution so reading is easy on the eyes without glare or strain.  It also sports an MP3 player and comes packaged with a free Foxit Reader Pro Pack and a Foxit PDF Creator as well as earphones.  It measures 7.4" x 4.7" x 0.4". The eSlick really excels when it comes to zooming. This ereader allows you to view your favorite newspapers, magazines and novels in PDF format with only one click of a button. The zoom feature magnifies the page size from 50% to 400%. When in ReFlow mode, you can read the materila that has been reformatted to fit the size of the 6" screen and also control the font size from the menu.  The excellent PDF support that this device possesses makes it a great choice for reading graphic-rich content in PDF format such as comics. In spite of the fact that the eSlick does a great job with PDF support, it does lack wide file support and some other features such as a search function,  a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to take notes.  I'd put it in the same category with the BeBook One. It's a solid feeling and well built, basic ebook reader with a six inch e-ink screen that offers the user a good ebook reading experience with no added fluff and nothing fancy.   Do you think if you can make an excellent writing jobs so much so that it appreciated by others. I guess not everyone has such a talent. But what about those who can not write beautifully, and he needed it sdleat? That's what! Rather, click on the link and do all the work for you. And it's no joke!

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