Google is working on a touch Chromebook

Google is going to present models of laptops in this year with Chrome OS, which in this case will support the work of the touch screen. This brought together Chrome OS not only competing solutions Microsoft, but also with other developing Google - mobile operating system Android. In what ratio will be in touch Chromebook with numerous tablets with Android, it is not clear. There is no accurate reports of release dates, and partners of the company, but it is logical to assume that the touch notebook models running on Google will provide Samsung and Acer, which currently are the manufacturers Chromebooks

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It should also be noted that direct competition between Google and Microsoft did not give rise to this undertaking, since not only incomparable scale, but also the philosophy of operating systems are very different. Chrome is aimed solely at those who use cloud services. For the same reason, Google develop the OS along with Android. Although we can not exclude that in the future, based on the common basis of the Linux operating system, will merge or some cooperation. So far, the main challenge for Google will be to attract developers to its new touch OS. Perhaps it is the inclusion of management features using the touch screen will stimulate engineers are now working on programs for Android.

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