HP Folio 13 a clear evolution from HP’s EliteBook

The HP Folio 13 is a clear evolution from HP’s EliteBook lineup of business and travel laptops. This Ultrabook is aimed at the business user on the go, even though it is not intended to perform those same rigorous calculations as a normal laptop.

The Folio is thin but not quite as thin as some other notebooks that have been in the market. Though any Ultrabook is supposed to be light and thin, the Folio stands at 3.2 pounds and o.8-inch thick. This makes it the heaviest of existing Ultrabooks.

The HP Folio 13 has got great sound, long battery life, comfortable backlit keyboard and fast boot time. It may have a stiff click pad and a relatively dim screen, but its affordability more than makes up for these deficiencies. Backlighting means you can type even in a darkened room. The touchpad is probably the best as it’s responsive to touch and supports multi-finger gestures. 

Storage may be an issue, but the USB 3.0 port means you can attach fast external storage. Networking, photo and video editing is easy as there is enough power for standard office tasks. You have Bluetooth, a webcam, a combo port for headphones and microphones, and HDMI port for connecting an external monitor or HDTV and/or a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired networking.

The Folio has this impressive looks and certainly you will like the brushed aluminium cover and metallic HP logo. Another nice touch is the set of small and very discrete LED indicators actually fitted to the power button and the caps lock key, as well as other places.

Though HP was not able to slip in a DVD writer, they pulled a smart move by bundling it with an external DVD writer. What will really impress the user most of this Folio is the battery life. You can imagine with Wi-Fi connected and a mixed use of multimedia, browsing and office work, the HP Folio 13 will last you up to 7 hours on a full charge – no other Ultrabook has managed to do this so far.  That's quite enough time to look at the whole Australian directory catalog  with free announcement. You can find there many specific information about  new announcements in the country and make postings about your business.

Some improvement could be made on this Ultrabook, especially on the display resolution of 1366x768, and by the way the high-gloss coat is not a good choice for a laptop that is otherwise well suited for travel. This particular business laptop is perfectly suited for both your home and your back pack.

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