In NASA announced a new Mars mission

The similarity of the planned rover with "Kyuriositi" will reduce the cost of the new Mars project.
In NASA announced a new Mars mission, which will include the second rover launch in 2020. The announcement came at NASA on December 4. Online connections to the spaceship will have suffer from long distance.
According to the website, the new Mars rover with a landing system will be built on the technologies used to create the rover "Kyuriositi" which is currently on Mars.
The similarity of the planned rover with "Kyuriositi" will reduce the cost of the new Mars project. It is expected to cost around $ 1.5 billion, while the project "Kyuriositi" cost NASA $ 2.5 billion. The new rover, like "Kyuriositi", will collect and analyze soil samples, but the details of the mission, NASA has not yet been told.
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Earlier, in late August, NASA announced plans to launch in 2016, another rover. The new device, which will be established within the research mission, called Insight, will have to study the core of the Red Planet, collecting data on its composition, size, and temperature. Thus, a total of seven dedicated to Mars exploration missions.
Together with the European Aerospace Agency (ESA) NASA been developing two Martian project, which had been scheduled for 2016 and 2018. However, in February 2012, NASA announced the rejection of these projects due to lack of funds. Now, as the representative of NASA, funding new NASA Mars mission will again participate in European projects.
At present, the Mars rover is "Kyuriositi", which sank to the planet's surface 6 August 2012. The main objectives of the mission is to search for life on Mars, and the study of geology and climate of Mars.

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