IP telephony in your computer

Recently, a lot of people use free calls over the Internet to communicate with their relatives, friends and business pratnerami who are abroad. In fact, many IP-telephony offer their customers free calls. But it is worth considering that it is free communication is limited primarily only on-net calls and for calls outside the network provider you still have to pay. In order to take advantage of free calls from computer to computer to your companion and you will need to install IP-telephony on their computers. Speaking of such services as free calls to regular phones, the situation is somewhat different than for calls between computers. We all know that Internet calls are very cheap. But we must understand that for VoIP telephony providers, they can not be completely free. IP telephony in your computer There are several methods used by providers of IP telephony, to attract customers and generate income. So some ISPs offer their telephony users unlimited data packages, buying that you receive free calls in all directions, or in certain countries for a certain period of time (month, six months, one year). Other providers of IP telephony is presented in a different way, offering free calls to a specific list of destinations (mainly fixed numbers in Europe and America - calls on them objectively the cheapest). But, on the condition of a prepaid deposit, which you can use for calls to other numbers. Thus, by providing free calls at very cheap rooms, service revenue to cover their costs of calls to expensive destinations.

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