iRex iLiad Book Edition Reader-A Gem of a E-book Reader!

The iRex iLiad Book Edition digital reader is top quality, through and through. While being a bit on the expensive side, you will no doubt thoroughly enjoy your digital reading experience on the Book Edition and believe me, if you had any doubts about liking a digital reader before picking up the iLiad, those doubts will quickly fly right out the window!

The large, 8.1 inch display offers an outstanding reading experience and the hefty storage space allows you to take all of your books along with you on your travel adventures. The sleek, silver case is eye-catching and innovative and the iLiad Book Edition comes pre-loaded with fifty books-some of which include all time best sellers.

The 768 x 1024 resolution electronic display screen looks realistically like paper and it is not only easy on earth's natural resources but it is pleasing and easy on your eyes as well. You are allowed to expand the already generous memory up to 8GB if you want to load even more books on board this outstanding e-reader that has so many fans.

The display is so good in fact that you would swear you were reading from paper. You can easily browse through your library, open books, shuffle pages and zoom in and out of a section and make a few handwritten notes along the way. All this is possible with only a few buttons and a pen-like stylus.

With the iRex iLiad you can read the daily newspaper, your RSS feeds and other web content that you find interesting. The free Mobipocket Reader software makes it a breeze to search and find literally thousands of RSS feeds from popular sites and blogs so that you may sign-up and sync them to read at your pleasure.

The iLiad is a top-seller and for good reason. This is a good choice if you are a first-time buyer as you are going to get every penny of your money's worth with this remarkable electronic reading device!

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