Is Google Planning to Sell its Own Tablets?

Rumors are rife that Google is planning to produce and market its branded tablets through an online store. While there is nothing wrong with such a plan, some critics are already predicting doom.

Their argument comes from the fact that the company had failed in delivering its Nexus One smart phones using the same method. Consequently, they do not expect Google to succeed with its branded tablets.

According to the circulating rumors, Google is expected to form a partnership with Samsung and ASUS to produce the tablets. The tablets may be heavily subsidized to break into the iPad-dominated market. However, excessive subsidies are likely to make the project unsustainable.

A better way would be for Google to completely leverage Motorola Mobility's buyout. Upon completion of the merger, Google should aim at producing its own tablet instead of merely rebranding devices that other companies have manufactured.

The company should take advantage of Motorola's resources and schedule internal meetings to design a genuinely branded tablet to have a competitive edge in the market. All company services must be closely integrated into the expected tablet at all levels. The tablet should encourage the purchase and use of different Google services. It must integrate smoothly with everything related to Google and have a solid interface that gives consumers a pleasant user experience. The Google recommends to manage SEO process for your business with SEO is important part of developing your business at internet.

This does not mean that the company will turn to compete with its partners in the market. In any case, the overall tablet sales from the partners are small.

The real competition that Google tablet will face is expected to come from Amazon Kindle Fire. Mainstream consumers usually invest in Kindle Fires to have a convenient way of buying and using Amazon products.

In order for Google tablet to compete well with Kindle Fire, it also needs to be fairly priced. Of course, this is tricky considering that analysts believe Amazon is selling its Kindle Fires at a loss. However, Google should be in a position to scale up and minimize its losses.

It is up to Google to take measures that will either prove the critics wrong or allow their predictions to come true. The company should not expect to break even by selling rebranded products from different companies. The Android OS will have a better chance of success in the tablet market if Google makes its own genuine product. The merger with Motorola will enable it to control the entire production process.

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