Kobo Ebook Reader-Worth a Look for $150

Global eReading service Kobo, Inc has partnered up with Borders  to sell the new Kobo ebook reader for $150. Considering the fact that the average ereader on the market costs nearly twice that much, this device is worth taking a close look at.

In this deal, Borders will offer a Kobo powered ebook store integrated into the Borders.com website.  The Kobo eReader will begin to go on sale this coming summer at Borders Bookstores in the United States.  Even though the iPad features a colored screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, a multi-touch screen and a gigantic app store and has the publishing industry backing it, some people out there still want just a good basic ebook reader that costs far less than the Apple tablet or even the Kindle and Nook.   It sure seems that today's top ebook reader manufacturers will have to make some significant price cuts soon if they expect to compete with the likes of the Kobo which is very good looking and low cost ebook reader. One of the main advantages of this device is the ability to use Forex applications for currency trading online.

The Kobo is in fact, a better looking ereader than many out there right now. It features a sleek, white frame and a nice quilted nylon back.  But what is very appealing is the user interface on the Kobo. It has a 'virtual bookshelf' look that is very much like the iBooks store and what the iPad features.  The Kobo also offers several skins for the case so you can dress up the reader in a number of colors and styles.

The specs are so-so. It does have Bluetooth capabilities for connecting wirelessly but no 3G nor Wi-Fi. (not that it is necessary anyway)  It has the standard, 6-inch e-ink display screen we've come to expect which is great. It has 1 GB of internal storage for holding around 1,000 books but if you need more, you can expand it up to 4GB which is also very good. It also supports PDF, EPUB and Adobe DRM and there are five font sizes to choose from on the Kobo. Make money online during lunch, while commuting to work on public transportation, - use Forex trading applications.

The Kobo Ebook reader is priced nicely, does not look cheap and it may sell well. Those consumers who have been holding out for a good, low priced ebook reader may find this to be a guilt-free impulse buy this year.

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