LG to Release Ereader to Directly Compete Against Apple and Amazon

South Korea's third largest producer of electronics and telecommunications products, LG- has announced that it will be releasing some sort of an ereader that will directly compete against Apple and Amazon.  KW Him, LG's Middle East and Africa Operations head says that the product may hit the marketplace as early as April 2010. He failed to release any details, photos or specs which is a bit strange when you make a bold statement such as his, but at minimum we can safely guess that it will be some sort of an electronic reader.  Whether the new LG device will be more of a tablet than a traditional ebook reader is anyone's guess at this point. LG is one of the world's top display manufacturers so it is likely that it is using its extensive research of e-paper and other screen technologies to develop an innovative product. We know that LG has been working on a solar powered digital reader as well as a flexible screen ereader that sports color so the company is certainly going to give us something impressive. There are many ways to read ebooks, - you can buy, download and read online. Hotbookee.com is amazing site to make a bookmark into your reader for manuals, study guides, novels and etc. So for now, we can only wait and wonder. The vagueness of Him's announcement is intriguing and maybe the timing will be perfect considering we are now waiting for some other highly anticipated ebook readers to make their grand entrance such as the Asus ereaders that are supposed to be highly capable and low priced.  

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