LiveScribe Echo Smartpen (8GB) review

Writing like an ordinary chunky ball pen, the LiveScribe Echo Smartpen helps you to easily organize, store and share your written words online. It’s a comfortable pen to hold and will fill just like a normal pen though it will be a little heavy. The software and interface may be a little had to get used to, but the moment you have everything set up you will enjoy using it.

But it will be an injustice to limit the Echo Smartpen to just recording what you write. This Smartpen will also index what you hear at the time of writing, it will also convert what you have written into an interactive PDF file, and finally it will also allow you to jump to any point in the page and heart what was being said at the time. With this, it will now allow you to share it with anyone directly from the page you are writing on.

This is a great device who would like to take notes while they listen, and still share it without much hassle. So one will wonder why the fax or a scanner can’t do this job. Who likes the screech of a fax and the fact it will not work until the sixth time? Thinking about the scanner and sending information in note form. You will have to set up the scanner, connect it to your PC, find the correct orientation of the document by positioning it five different times, then upload the file, attach to a mail and send it. This is definitely draining. With the LiveScribe Echo Smartpen you automatically email your document.

This Smartpen comes in 2GB and 4GB also. The 8GB will offer you up to 800 hours of recording time, but that depends on audio quality. The high-speed infrared camera situated above the nib, takes up to 70 images per second to be able to record exactly what you are writing. Audio recording is also available via an integrated microphone, but this is just on one-on-one meetings/interviews. To record like in a theatre you may have to purchase the Echo 3-D Premium Recording Headset which gives you stereo recording.

Though the applications and software may not be without problems, this may still be a highly recommended device for anyone who would like to toss out their pencil and paper for something much much better.

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