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Vanity 4Hams, LLC Guarantees You Any Vanity Call Sign Currently Held by an Individual, Bar None, in Just Over Two Years. In some cases, it was simply a matter of a licensee wanting a call sign more befitting his or her class of license. In other cases, it had to do with the types of operations in which they were engaged. For example, one Amateur Extra Class licensee new to amateur radio, who asked not to be named, told me: first, I was a laughingstock. After I passed all of the exams for an Extra Class license in one sitting, I was issued a sequential two-by-two call sign! I couldnshow my face at club meetings without everyone making fun of me. I had to have a vanity call sign to save my dignity. Others, particularly contesters, told me they absolutely had to have short call signs in order to speed exchanges and improve their scores. This was especially for those who used CW. One contester, who now scores among the top five contestants worldwide (single-operator, allbands, single-transmitter) in all CQ and ARRL DX contests told me: sequential call sign I originally was issued by the FCC was killing my scores! It took far too long to send. And when it came to repeats? Oy! If I didnhave my new one-by-two call sign, Emil, Ibe chopped liver.”

Vanity4Hams, LLC Enters the PictureThese and other amateurs with whom I spoke in preparing this article —men and women alike —to a person decried the draconian procedures governing the vanity call sign system, which were, by the way, amended by the Commission in 2010. Over and over again they asked if there were not an easier way for amateurs to obtain vanity licenses ... or if help were not available so that others did not have to go through what they did to get their vanity call signs. Now, Ihappy to report, help is on the way. But before I reveal what I have uncovered, let me review the current practices and procedures for obtaining a vanity call sign.

Current Vanity Call Sign Practices and Procedures What we are concerned with, my dear friends, is the laborious process that many of you would have to go through to find the vanity call sign you seek . . . something called Key Callsign Harvesting.” Now, there is no question that the process outlined here is comprehensive and viable. It has undoubtedly helped thousands of radio amateurs over the last several years secure their vanity call signs. But the process, as you see, is highly labor intensive. It begs for an innovative approach to relieve the administrative burden from the amateurshoulders. Vanity4Hams, LLC Enters the Picture Recognizing that tens of thousands of radio amateurs are forced to use cumbersome, sequentially issued FCC call signs every day, many of which are unsuited for contest work because of their awkward prefixes and suffixes, a group of New Jersey entrepreneurs, demonstrating the best of American business inguinity and initiative, recently formed Vanity4Hams, LLC. The group is shown in photo 1. The companyheadquarters, shown in photo 2, are located in a low-rent district to minimize overhead costs and reduce client fees to a minimum. This building is adjacent to the companyother facility, which houses its trash hauling and waste disposal business. How Vanity4Hams, LLC Functions This is how Vanity4Hamsnew system works. A radio amateur seeking a specific individualvanity call sign completes a simple form specifying the call sign desired. This form is submitted to Vanity4Hams together with a signed but undated FCC application for a vanity call sign desired. Funds in the amount of US$10,000 cash in unmarked $20 bills must accompany the form. Then, shortly after a period of two years has elapsed, Vanity4Hams will submit the application to the FCC on behalf of the applicant for the specific vanity call sign requested. Itthat simple. As Eddy, Godfather,”told me, bing bada-boom, no questions asked. Success is guaranteed.” Test Cases To date, Vanity4Hams has submitted nine applications, all of which have been granted. In fact, Godfather”gave me two testimonials from satisfied users that, he said, I was free to use in this article as long as I withheld his clients’names and call signs. Herewhat they had to say: I never dreamed that I could have the one-by-two call sign that Vanity4Hams was able to obtain for me in just over two years’time. This is a call to die for! The man who previously held the call was, as best I could tell, in his early 30s. Based on a picture I saw of him in CQ magazine, he was in the best of health. Itjust terrible what happened to him on that trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. Mary P. (last name and call sign withheld by request) Wow! If anyone had told me that I could have that beautiful, short —CW-wise —one-by-two call sign for use in contests, I would not have believed him in a million years ... especially given the fact that it was once held by one of the worldtop CW DX contesters. It was such a shame when he died so unexpectedly. Fortunately, Vanity4Hams was right on top of the situation. It had my application delivered to the FCC office in Gettysburg, PA, by courier just minutes after the doors opened on the very day applications for the call sign I wanted were first accepted. Vanity4Hams, youthe best!

Vanity4Hams, LLC Enters the PictureSteve J. (last name and call sign withheld by request)

Some amateur radio operators worry that even though they have paid Vanity4Hamsfee, others seeking the same call sign will force the assignment of the call to be resolved through a lottery, and they will lose. Combing through the FCCdatabases, however, I uncovered only one instance where this happened —that is, where the assignment of a vanity call sign went to someone other than a Vanity4Hams client. But wait, strange as it might seem, the person who won that particular lottery was killed in a skydiving accident one month after receiving his new call. And the person wasneven a sky-diver! Even stranger, on the second submission there was no competition, and the Vanity4Hams clientapplication was approved. Since then there never has been any competition for a vanity call sign cited on an application couriered to the FCC by Vanity4Hams. Summary It certainly appears as if good old American ingenuity has once again triumphed, this time for the benefit of all US radio amateurs. Now those hams seeking vanity call signs no longer need be bothered with having to go through the laborious task of documenting the death of the former licensee holding the vanity call sign they seek. Instead, a simple application to Vanity4Hams, LLC, plus the payment of US$10,000 in cash, guarantees the assignment of that specific call sign, in just over two years. Note added as we go to press: CQ has learned that federal authorities have opened an investigation into the activities of Vanity4Hams, LLC based on a Whistleblower complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in late March 2012. A spokesperson for the government who is not authorized to speak on the record and declined to be quoted directly stated that the complaint, which charges the company with false advertising, resulted from the fact that the preferred one-by-two call sign the whistleblower received began with a ”instead of an .”Vanity4Hams claims it was a clerical error, and it will be ”shortly. You look cell phone spy software? By it at  

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