The new MacBook Pro is Applefirst major notebook release since 2008 to feature the stunning Retina Display. What this means for most digital artists are an even greater level of clarity for displaying on-screen designs.

If you a filmmaker or photographer, the new machine 2,880x1,800 high-resolution produces plush on-screen display, with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. This also makes the scrutiny of mistakes far more accessible on a small screen, easily noticing any distruptive image artefacts, such as unmasked edges or excessive noise.MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DISPLAY

Colours seem far more true to real life, with the production of colour promised to be 29 per cent better than previous editions. This is maximized through the device viewing angles, at 178 degrees. Couple this with the pixel-for-pixel accuracy and ita great display device for presenting visuals to a crowd of peers in, for instance, an office or studio environment.

Ergonomically, the device form factor is far more portable, mainly due to the impressive new display dimensions. This is now significantly thinner than previous models, doing away with the extra pane of glass that sits between your eyes and the display itself, in which glass and aluminium chassis are fused. This becomes a big advantage as a portable writing device for professional writers. They can use it and with their convenience constantly upload their articles at service.

MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DISPLAYThe lack of a secondary panel of glass also makes the screen noticeably less reflective, again reinforcing both the machine portability and creative efficiency. Digital artists and designers are now able to create and display in nearly any locality. It not quite the matter display that creative professionals have been crying out for since it was discontinued back as the default option, but it certainly a step in the right direction.

The built-in ports of the new MacBook Pro are the icing on the cake. There are two Thunderbolt ports for you to daisy-chain multiple devices and an impressive HDMI output. But perhaps most important to Photoshop users are the two USB 3.0 ports. These offer the transferring of digital images at twice the usual speed.

However, we must warn that although the modified notebook has crammed in just over five million pixels into the 15-inch screen, Photoshop artists are sadly at a disadvantage. At present, the software doesn't make full use of the machine s full resolution. This means displaying your images shows little sign of improvement to smooth text and UI edge.

MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DISPLAYFinally, we would hope that updates in version 13.0.1 would complement Photoshop users. Especially when you consider all factors and how this device boasts entirely flash-based memory architecture. This means Photoshop users get SSD speeds when copying files, launching apps, software, and booting up your machine. In short, the new MacBook Pro works as fast as you do, which is incredible for future Photoshop users working with time-sensitive projects.

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