Mini gadget for emergency recharging smartphones

Today, we came to the conclusion that the perceived capabilities of our smartphones for granted. Indeed, modern technology allows these gadgets have to work longer and with more features. Still, there are times when we forget about charging the smartphone before the important and lengthy undertaking. That's what needs such Soup as PhoneSuit Flex Micro Battery Pack. And, as the name implies, it is a portable battery pack designed for rapid charging power-hungry smartphones.

Mini gadget for emergency recharging smartphones

How does this device? It does not matter what you need to do more with the flat phone: make the last important call, listen to some music on the way home, or even watch a video, gadget PhoneSuit Flex is able to provide energy for all these problems. This is one of the smallest and at the same time powerful external battery for smartphones. New product is capable of storing up to 2600 mAh in the body, comparable in size to the human thumb. 

This enables this gadget store twice as much energy as is required by most modern smart phones for a full charge. Its small size and built-in adapter makes it easy to connect your device "on the fly." Moreover, the device is held firmly in the socket, it can be used as an extra battery.


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